External Wall Insulation


DMP Plastering Contractors in Nottingham specialize in Fitting External Wall Insulation systems. There are a number of different choices of EWI depending on what thermal properties you will need and the style of finish apply. This may depend on your taste or to fit in with the local area. We offer specialist external solid wall insulation solutions for owners of solid wall homes. If you are looking to reduce your heating bills or permanently stop condensation mould we can arrange a free,no-obligation quote.

In the Uk, millions of homes suffer harsh winters due bad insulation in their homes. Around a third of all heat lost in an un-insulated home is lost through the walls. The reason is solid walls or non-traditional ways of building some houses mean that cavity wall insulation is not an option.
External Wall Insulation systems can be the solution to this problem. External Wall Insulation fits to the whole outside of your home , making a barrier between your house., and the cold elements. External wall insulation insulates your home. It also has a water resistant layer that not only improves energy efficiency but also give your home a complete new makeover.
So basically External Wall Insulation not only makes your house warmer and more eco- friendly. saving you up to £490 per year. It also makes your home look like new, potentially adding value to your home.

Extenral wall insation

The key Facts
• External Wall Insulation could save you up to £490 per year*
• Great for the environment – saves around 1.9 tonnes of CO2 a year.
• Extends lifespan of the building
• Significantly improves appearance of the building

Which Homes Are Suitable?

If you have Solid Single Skin Brick or Block Cavity Walls Too Narrow to Inject, we can help.

* Steel framed or Concrete Non-traditional Build
More or less every type and style of home can have some form of
exterior wall insulation system installed.
If you have a modern cavity wall construction you would be better advised to have the cavities injected as this should solve the problem.

Where do we install External Wall Insulation

We install EWI throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, West Midlands, Yorkshire, Leicestershire and more upon request.
We Install EWI all year round so give us a call on 0115 746 8564 to request a quote or just for information.

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