Dry Lining Contractors

What is Dry lining ?

Dry lining is a very popular way of attaching plasterboards to a variety of surfaces such as metal, masonary, and wood.

This method can be used anywere weather it being in your home extension onto Masonary or timber frame or even in office blocks or hospitals onto metal or timber stud work.


This method involves dry lining onto timber or metal stud walls and ceilings.  Once the plasterboard has been cut to size, it is fixed to the timber or metal ceiling or stud walls with drywall screws.

Dot and Dab

This technique is applying plasterboards onto masonry surfaces, also wood and metal at times when forming reveals.  An adhesive is used to attach the plasterboard to the suface. This adhesive is attached to the wall in a solid perimeter dab to help with air loss and around any electrical sockets and door openings.



The Benefits Of Dry Lining

Plasterboarding is quick and effective to put up. Its relatively clean and gives you the clean and square angles that really set a home or project off.

Dry lining can be used in a array of places. On the domestic side it could be in your home extensions or to plasterboard out your kitchen to get that new showroom look. It could even be used to convert your garage, or even to overboard your old ceilings to get that new finish if the ceiling existing is in bad shape.

There are different types of plasterboard.  Acoustic boarding – Depending on your requirements.  This application is also used in conjunction with sound-deadening insulation to provide a sound proof room.

Fire boards – This fire resistant board is used to meet regulations in fire retardence.  These are put in buildings between floors (for example in between flats with timber joists), and around RSJ’s.

Moisture resistant plasterboards are generally used in areas where moisture needs to be controlled.

Standard wall boards are used in general applications with basic requirements. For example, between standard stud walls, where no specific fire or sound-proofing regulations apply.

Duraline plasterboard is a high impact resistant plasterboard and only comes in 15mm thickness.  This is generally used on partitions and walls where there is a higher risk of impact.  These help protect corridors and similar environments.

Who will Benefit From Dry Lining

We are able to work on a variety of projects from new build developments and refurbishments which require the use of dry lining.  We are based in Nottingham but we carry out work all over Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leistershire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and the East Midlands. We carry out all other aspects of commercial plastering across the UK.

We take on projects for property development businesses as well as commercial projects such as showrooms, offices, storagewarehouses ect. We can work for housing associations, commercial property managers, facilities management Organization, shop and office-fit out and construction companies.  Clinics, hospitals and schools are also welcome to seek work from us