Benefits of External Wall Insulation

Benefits of External Wall Insulation

The most significant heat loss in your home is through the external walls. This is estimated to be around 45% of the total heat loss, resulting in high heating bills. By insulating your external walls, you can reduce heat loss and significantly cut your heating bills.

Your home will warm up more quickly if insulated and you won’t have to keep the heating on for as long to reach a comfortable temperature. Condensation will be a thing of the past and without it less mould growth will occur, leading to a healthier living environment.

With the installation of external wall insulation your home will be transformed with a wide range of contemporary or traditional finishes with a choice of textures, colours and finished effects.

The high performance render finishes used on the system offer excellent durability and protection against rain, UV rays from sunlight and cracking. Our finishes have the colour pigments added during the mixing process which means they never have to be painted, providing you with a low maintenance home.

With a transformation in its appearance and increased thermal performance the value of your home could increase.

High levels of heat loss also result in a high carbon footprint, by reducing these levels through insulation you will not only be saving money but helping to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

If you own a house without a cavity in the walls, improving its thermal performance means insulating either internally or externally. Using external wall insulation has the following advantages:

No internal living space is lost as all the insulation is on the outside walls.
No need to vacate the house whilst works takes place and no need to move furniture and fittings.
No internal redecoration is required, particularly kitchens and bathrooms.
Thicker or higher performing insulation can be used resulting in warmer walls.
The risk of condensation and cold- bridging is eliminated as the whole building is wrapped in insulation.
An exterior finish is developed which can often closely match the original or surrounding properties.

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